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Best deals on Facial Packages

Twelve facials and so little time.

At Just Flaunt, you can take your pick from a Skin Lightening facial through to our exclusive Red Wine procedure.

Regardless of the occasion and the time on your hands, there’s a facial that’s perfect for you.

Our Skin Lightening facial fights irregular skin tone and imparts an even fairness to the skin.

Our Pure Moist facial is what you need for one of those days when your face feels dry and lifeless. This facial leaves your skin soft and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Banish blemishes and blackheads with our Tea Tree facial. This all-natural blend of handpicked ingredients leaves you looking spotless.

If you are feeling a bit decadent, try our Fruit facial. The goodness of fruits is legendary. Vitamins A, E and other skin-friendly nutrients naturally found in fruits act together to leave your skin soft, supple and glowing with health.

If you are feeling self-indulgent, nothing beats our Chocolate facial. It’s great for your complexion and leaves your skin glowing and feeling like new. Rich in antioxidants, this facial also fights premature ageing by boosting the production of collagen, which provides strength and structure to skin. This procedure also lightens blemishes and marks caused by acne, moistens the skin and helps fight wrinkling and fine lines.

Don’t have time but want your face to look radiant double-quick? Our Insta Glow facial is what you need, no matter what the occasion.

Or, you could try our Pearl facial, which—as you must have already guessed by now—leaves your skin with a soft radiance and you feeling special.

Our Pure Gold facial is priceless if you want to leave your face looking like a million bucks. We use 24-karat gold dust in this facial. This facial leaves your skin radiantly healthy because it cleans, revitalises and rejuvenates the skin.

The Platinum facial is a cut above. It works from deep within to revitalise and nurture your skin. It’s also a great skin hydrator and boosts production of collagen. Antioxidant-rich, this facial also helps fight signs of premature ageing.

Just Salon’s Age Reversal facial virtually wipes the years off your face by repairing damage caused by harmful, ultraviolet A & B rays and pollution. It also helps fight the effects of gravity on the face and neck.

But if it’s a spa treatment in a salon you are looking for, nothing beats our Red Wine facial. Available exclusively at Just Flaunt, this procedure uses a super-gentle blend of special gel scrubs and handpicked table wine. Suitable for all skin types, this facial leaves your face feeling soft and supple to the touch. Regular treatments can help fight sun damage, wrinkling and fine lines.

Just Flaunt offers a full range of beauty services

Just Flaunt also offers massage (head or full body), waxing, hair spa, manicure & pedicure, hair highlighting, waxing, clean up, hair colouring, eye makeup, mask, bleach, haircut & hairstyling, bleach, threading and bridal packages.

In Hyderabad, only Just Flaunt offers Rain Forest Hair Spa, Shea Butter Pedicure and Exotic Fruit Manicure services, besides the Red Wine Facial.

Tips for a happy experience

Are you diabetic? Do you have skin allergies? Are you sensitive to any makeup product or cosmetic we are likely to use? Are you pregnant?

Please inform either the salon manager or salon assistant.

It is best if henna has not been applied to the hair for several weeks leading up to your hair-colouring session.