• Wash hands with soap and water or sanitise hands properly before and after every treatment.
  • Wear disposable N-95 triple-layered face mask, disposable apron and disposable hair cap for every service.
  • Use disposable towels and disposable gloves for hair care service(s).
  • Maintain basic hygiene, like neatly tied and covered hair, clean nails etc.
  • Use single-use Product Packs with disposable Spatula/brush.
  • Maintain a suitable distance with the clientele while performing all service(s).
  • Ensure Salon Stations, Chairs, Tools, Equipment and Trolleys are sanitised with Disinfectant after every use.
  • Remove all visible hairs or debris from the Combs, Brushes, Rollers and Scissors by rinsing in lukewarm shampoo water.
  • All equipment and tools should be dried using a clean, dry disposable cloth and put in the Steriliser.
  • Clean the clippers with brush and then wipe it with a Disinfectant.
  • Use disposable neck wraps for clientele.
  • Take Scissors and Combs form the Steriliser and dip it into Disinfectant before & after every use.
  • Sterilise wooden and plastic hairbrushes using ultra-violet rays Stations.
  • Discard blades post-shaving in a closed bin.
  • Keep a spray bottle filled with Disinfectant to clean the Salon Station.
  • Request the Housekeeping personnel to remove the hair on the floor post haircut service.
  • Disposal of used products with strict guidelines.
  • Take a bath, post all the sessions of that day.
  • Wash the uniforms in hot water with detergent and bleach.
  • Report any symptoms or observations about dry cough, breathing irritation, and fever, lack of taste, etc., immediately to the Management.