Hands and feet that look and feel as gorgeous as you do

Gold Dust Pedicure Services

Hold your breath.

Feet stink because the soles have more sweat glands (and more sensory nerve endings) per square centimetre than any other part of the human body.

But if feet aren’t properly cared for, the revolting smell is the least of your problems.

Your feet carry you wherever you go.

That means, from the footwear you wear to health conditions, your personal choices, the state of your health and your lifestyle all leave their mark on your feet.

But . . .
. . . who cares!

Just Flaunt offers several pedicures to put the spring back in your feet.

Our Gold Dust Pedicure is our most premium service. It takes longer than our other pedicures to allow for maximum exfoliation. The treatment uses a solution containing tiny citrus crystals and botanical extracts to smooth and nourish the skin. The massage helps with the blood flow to and from your feet.

A Just Flaunt exclusive offered nowhere else, our Shea Butter Pedicure moisturises your feet, while the fenugreek extracts fight inflammation. Soft, supple and sexy feet are no longer a dream. Tired feet and cracked heels are history, regardless of the season.

The Classic Pedicure is our no-frills service for when you simply want to take a load off your feet or don’t have the time to go in for a leisurely session. The scrub and massage leave your tired feet looking good and you grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Have to attend a party or other social occasion but hate your cracked feet? Our Radiant Pedicure can come to your rescue. This treatment leaves your feet glowing. The nail colouring at the end gets your feet prepped for the most envious scrutiny.

We’ve also nailed these other body & hair beauty services

Just Flaunt also offers massage (head or full body), facial, waxing, hair highlighting, hair colouring, eye makeup, bleach, and threading.

In Hyderabad, only Just Flaunt offers Rain Forest Hair Spa, Red Wine Facial and Exotic Fruit Manicure services, besides the Shea Butter Pedicure.

Things to remember

For your own comfort and safety, please inform either the manager or salon assistant in advance if you are diabetic, have skin allergies and/or are sensitive to any makeup product or cosmetic we are likely to use.

It is best if henna has not been applied to the hair for several weeks leading up to your hair-colouring session.

Please also let us know if you are pregnant so that we may congratulate you and take the necessary precautions!