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Soulful Summer Menu

Soulful Summer Menu- Let’s cool it off!

Summer is here! Unlike the GOT dialogue where they fear winter, we equatorial countries fear the summer. The hot breezes in summer are not the easiest to handle. We know that you’re taking all the precautions that you can to prevent your skin and hair from damage. Especially the summers when many people contact us to know how to protect their beauty from the hot sun. With all your requests in mind, this summer we came up with an exclusive menu. A menu that caters to all the summer-related skin and hair related problems. Keep reading to know more about the menu. 

Worried about Skin tan? Explore our Summer Menu

Tan is a primary problem for many during the summer months. The harsh and direct sunlight affects the pigmentation of your skin making it darker. On one hand, tanning is considered a fashion. But, natural tanning will surely damage your skin. This is why our new Summer Menu has a DeTan service. With this, we’ll remove any and all Tan that your face and neck has suffered from the sun. At just Rs. 400, you can enjoy your natural skin tone again without a shade of sun tan. 

Facials for the Summer? Oh, yes!

Who doesn’t want to take a proper break and pamper themselves, right? That too, the summer’s harsh and hot air gives you just the right reason to come to our salon. Shall we give you a reason that you absolutely cannot deny? Icy Cool Cucumber Clean up and Facial. We know, you cannot resist it. But again, why resist when you can enjoy the cool cucumber working its magic on your skin? Also, we have included an exclusive Bamboo Charcoal Clean up and Facial too. We’ve got these amazing services included in our New Summer Menu. So book an appointment to enjoy our Summer Menu services. 

Cool your mind with a head massage

Massages are the best forms of relaxation that one can experience. Just to make this summer enjoyable for you, we have tweaked the massage a little bit. We gave it a cool vibe by adding Mint Oil. Mint oil has such a calming effect on the scalp that it will transport you to a world of relaxation. We’re offering Cool Mint Oil Massage to both Men and Women, starting at just Rs. 599. 

Services that will make you come again and again

Sure massages are great, but have you ever enjoyed a Peppermint Manicure and Pedicure? If you haven’t, you need to book an appointment right away. Because, we have included it in our amazing Summer Menu. Just imagine your feet being relieved of all the stress right out! Also, the cool effect of Peppermint gives this service a whole new and fresh feel. 

So, that’s all about our exciting and new Summer Menu. We are extremely excited to launch this menu. And, we hope you too are waiting for this. So, without any further delay, book your appointment today and enjoy our exclusive menu. Also, please don’t forget to share this blog with your friends who would love to relax the right way this summer. 

See you soon. Take care.

Just Flaunt – Beauty Packages Deals

Everyone wants to look their best. Picking a ladies salon isn’t just about the brand name. It’s about picking the right kind of packages that seal the deal. Just Flaunt has a host of tailor made beauty packages that are perfect for every skin tone. Beauty packages enhance already existing beauty. A typical beauty regime done at home would consists of methods that have been followed in the past.

However, a defined beauty package by Flaunt consists of a carefully curated beauty package that is just right for every occasion. With the wedding season coming on in full swing, it’s become even more evident that beauty packages have taken on a whole new turn. Flaunt recognizes this need and has increased the need for beautification by giving these beauty packages to people who want them.

What are beauty packages?

Beauty packages

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of a brand new look. A beauty package does exactly that. Be it a manicure or a pedicure, or a relaxing facial, a beauty package is designed specifically to factor in all these things. What about a body massage is so fascinating that puts a bounce in your feet? What about that extra layer of special skin care that adds a glow to your face?

So many choices to choose from! How do you get the right package? How do you make the right choice when it comes to your skin and beauty, the right beauty package is the best thing that could happen.

 Why Flaunt?

When you want to feel on top of the world, or have got someone special in need of serious pampering, these supreme packages have got everything you need!

Flaunt designs these beauty packages with the idea of enhancing already existing beauty. Flaunt knows how important beauty packages are and each package is designed everyone look a better and more beautiful than their original self. Pick Flaunt and visit the website the way they want to.