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Permanent hair straightening on your mind

Permanent hair straightening on your mind

Here are top things that you should plan before a permanent hair straightening session.

Although curly hair might be fun to flaunt every once in a while, straight hair, you have to agree makes life much easier. Bad hair days are not so bad and you spend the least number of hours on your hair before running like a ninja, for work.


Not all of us are lucky to have straight, beautiful hair. Some of us just have to work for it. Before you get super excited about undergoing a permanent hair straightening treatment, ensure you have certain things placed clearly in your mind:

Permanent Hair Straightening – What does it take?

  1. One style for life; or almost: So, once you are through with this permanent hair straightening treatment, you will have lovely, manageable straight hair that you will so, so cherish. But ladies, nothing comes without a cache. If you one day decide to curl your hair, to go with the beautiful dress you recently purchased, just sit down and say NO! Any other treatment might tend to prove harmful, and may cause more damage. Only once the permanent hair straightening treatment wears away, you are free to experiment again.
  1. Realize you are making a commitment: “Ek bar jo mainay commitment kar di, fir mai apnay aap ki bhi nai sunta”. Yes, this line from Salmaan khan’s movie should be your mantra. The procedures to be followed after getting a permanent hair straightening treatment might become mundane or even tiresome, but, you have got to do it. No short-cuts here.
  1. Say it out loud. And clear: You HAVE to talk to your hair stylist. Tell him/her about your entire hair history. Your crazy try-outs at a pajama party with your friends, or that period when you loved everything pink so you dyed your hair too. Or when the monsoon took away most of your lovely mane to the drain. Everything. Once this happens, your stylist will be able to give you the best advice for that upcoming permanent hair straightening session.

Chemical straighteners might also cause some hair damage. Therefore, before you plan to indulge in a treatment permanent hair straightening, it is essential you know the products that will be used on your hair as well as the stylist.

Now girls, go hairwire!!

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