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Keratin Treatment – Should you get it done?

Keratin Treatment – Should you get it done?

You’ve heard the name and probably had too many questions. Is it effective? Are there any side effects? Well, Keratin Treatment is a widely popular hair treatment today that has its demand. Keratin Treatment smoothens, adds all the lost protein back to the hair, and makes it naturally straight as well. Not just that, it protects the hair from humidity, making it frizz-free.

Fact: Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in our hair. It is the essential element that is responsible for the hair-health. But, your hair loses Keratin because of sunlight and pollution.

Keratin treatment is nothing but re-infusing the protein goodness into your hair. Still, it is normal to have questions about the value of this treatment. We understand it’s a chemical process. It is why we make sure our stylists are well educated about the process. With that being said, let’s get into whether or not you should opt for this treatment.

Keratin Treatment – Pros of getting it done

Have you ever looked in awe as actresses flaunt their No-frizz hair? The slow-mo videos sure make them worth watching. Anyway, we all have dreamed and longed for smooth and shiny hair. It cannot be achieved with regular shampoos, though. Additionally, as said above the pollution makes our hair brittle. As the harsh sun rips away the proteins, our hair becomes more susceptible to damage.

So, we always suggest our clients get Keratin treatment done at regular intervals. It helps keep the hair manageable and healthy. Keratin treatment has long-lasting results when cared for post-treatment. The icing on top is that this treatment also promotes healthy hair growth.

What are the limitations of Keratin Treatment?

It is a chemical process. So, you can expect a few limitations. They are not hard to follow either. The first and foremost regulation is that you should not wash your hair three days after the treatment. Also, you should avoid tying back your hair closely. Dipping your hair in swimming pools is a No-No. You should avoid heat styling your hair. Anyway, you will not find the need to heat style your hair after getting the treatment. Post-treatment, you should use only use sulphate-free shampoos.

If you have trouble regarding that, worry not. We will provide you with the right shampoo to use after the treatment. Taking the city life into consideration and the clouds of pollution we travel every day through, Keratin treatment is the best way to fight them.

To sum up, Keratin treatment has multiple benefits other than smoothening the hair.

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