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Tanning occurs frequently, as the skin darkens because of its exposure to harsh sunlight. People who travel during the day usually happen to have tanned skin. When the summer arrives, especially in a hot country like India, it’s safe to say that almost no one likes to roam outside; the major reason being effected with tanned skin. This is where De tan facial comes into play.


Since it’s a commonly occurring process, there are various home remedies to get rid of tanned skin. Some celebrities opt for medically approved processes that celebrities opt for usually after holidays to regain their original skin tone like Laser toning, Chemical peeling, and by using specific creams. Because let’s admit that it’s not fun to have 2 shades of skin tone.

6 steps- De Tan Facial

One of the effective ways to remove tanned skin is by opting for a De-Tan facial at a salon. By now, you should know that this blog is about our ALL-NEW ADDITION to our facial services. We’ve now got a new facial service for De-Tan, in just 6 steps. Skin gets tanned due to the pigmentation of the skin by sunlight. This facial does the work by exfoliating melanin and rejuvenating the skin instantly for a brighter look. The 6 steps in the facial service include Cleansing, Deep exfoliation, Skin refreshing, Skin brightening, Nourishing, and applying a mask.

What do you get from this service?

Oil, dirt, and remains of makeup seep into the pores of the skin and help the skin to get tanned easily. The first step, cleansing, remove these properties and lightens the skin. Dead skin cells are the prime reason for the skin to look aged, and also counteracts any facial treatment you go through. So, before getting into any facial service, it’s better to remove the dead skin cells, so the treatment finds its purpose. Toning brings out the true glow of the skin. Once removing the impurities, we tone-out the skin, before moving further in the process. Cheryl’s TanClear cream lightens the skin tone and adds a glow to the skin. We use a Natural glow mask hydrates the skin and reduces the chances of tanning.

Compared to other services that are in play right now, Cheryl’s TanClear facial service always holds the ground to the statements they make. Getting an instant glow and shielding the skin from tanning further is one key perk of this service. This amazing service is now available at both our Salons.

This summer, we suggest you get shielded from the harshness of the sun by opting for our TanClear facial at Just flaunt salons. If you have any queries regarding this or any other service, please feel free to give us a call. You can also book an appointment right away by clicking here.

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