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Best Pedicure in Hyderabad is here. Book Now.

Best Pedicure in Hyderabad is here. Book Now.

What do Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, The queen of London, and the woman next door have in common? They all love a long, relaxed hour of a pedicure session. And you should too! But don’t settle for anything less than the best pedicure in Hyderabad.

Did you know? The soles of your feet contain more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings per square centimetre than any other part of the body. So, basically your feet are much likely to stink and cause enough bacteria until washed rigorously. That’s some stinky information. Literally!

Most of us tend to ignore our feet while grooming other parts of ourselves, overlooking the fact that our feet goes through so much torture and yet manages to take us closer to our dreams, each day. Show them some love, ladies. Go for the best pedicure in Hyderabad.

Here, at Just Flaunt Salon, we indulge in a range of pedicures that you might want to try-out. So go ahead girls, treat yourself to some “Pedi-time”.

You decide which one’s the best pedicure

Gold-dust pedicure: This spa pedicure is one of our premium services. The session lasts longer than the others, helping the skin to exfoliate. The massage helps in blood circulation. It is a luxurious treatment containing tiny orange crystals that smoothens and nourishes your cuticles with botanical extracts. This one’s considered the best best pedicure by many.

Shea butter and mint pedicure: This exotic pedicure session will leave you craving for more. We can bet on that! The rich, creamy and smooth texture of Shea butter, and the refreshing coolness of mint has made a huge list of fan-followers already. And why not, when there’s everything divine, intertwined together.

Classic pedicure: This is for all those who love to go classic. This pedicure treatment helps your feet breathe again without taking much of your time. The usual scrub and massage will make your tired feet look happy and clean again.

Radiant pedicure: In case you have to run to an office party, birthday or any other event but hate how cracked up your feet looks, this pedicure option is the best for you. Make your feet look radiant in no time. And the best part, you ask? You get to choose your favourite nail colour to add a bit of extra jazz to your pretty cuticles.

So ladies, do not worry about a sweaty feet or a cracked up heel, because Just Flaunt has got you the right fix. A fix, that some feel is the best pedicure in Hyderabad.

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