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Look amazing with the best beauty updates for winter

Look amazing with the best beauty updates for winter

From creating the perfect curly hair or lips that have just the right pout, beauty updates have always helped in creating the perfect look for any occasion. Be it a weekend out with a group of girls, a picnic in the park with your boyfriend or a dinner with the parents, these updates are what every girl needs.

Beauty Updates for every look.

The month of December comes with a backlash on the skin. This season, beauty tips are designed in a way that complements every skin tone. Here are some of the beauty updates that could be used during this season:

  1. Vintage lipsticks

Just when you thought the vintage season was out, it’s back with a bang. The 90’s era is back even though if it’s not for long. Into the mix come 9 shades that have come back in style.  Blue, purple, lavender and burgundy are added to the mix, creating just the right look for this season.

  1. The Christmas Eye Shadow Palettes

The Christmas Eye Shadow Palette from Dior is probably the prettiest palette in this season so far. When sequins and eye shadows collide, nothing could be more magical. Be it greys and charcoals or mauve and chocolate, this exquisite palette helps create the perfect look for any time.

  1. Sarah Chapman Sninesis Overnight Edition

This fully stocked kit contains everything that is needed to help with the perfect skin for this season. Everything is designed to be used at night which means more time for all those lovely formulas to work their magic so you’ll wake up looking fresh as a daisy, how utterly dreamy!

Be colourful this season.

With the Christmas season coming upon us, beauty hacks and treatments have become every girl’s prerogative. Glittery lips, twinkly eyelashes, soft velvets or the classic vintage look, these beauty updates make for the most glamorous and glittery Christmas season so far.

Glitz, glamour, glitter and sparkle make for the perfect look that everyone aspires to have this season.

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