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Best Bridal Packages In Hyderabad. Book Now!

It’s your D-day throwing its hands up in the air and running to grab you, getting closer every day. If you still haven’t found out the salon to get your makeover done, don’t you worry darling! Just flaunt salon is here to your rescue. Finding a salon that offers the best bridal packages in Hyderabad can get a bit troublesome; too many weddings, fewer salons with exclusive products and professional make-up artists. It all comes down to the ‘damsel in distress’ scenario!

best bridal packages in Hyderabad
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Our team at work – here’s a sneak peak into what goes behind the scenes.

Customized services / packages

Just flaunt salon brings to you, best bridal packages in Hyderabad with products that are exclusive and absolutely branded to give your skin the right glow. Before using, each product has been tried and tested to ensure no chemical reaction or any skin trouble might affect you. Also, the biggest priority is hygiene and therefore the salon is maintained by staffs that keep it spic and span.

Professional staff

Our professional team that creates the best bridal packages in Hyderabad is experienced and have a wide knowledge on the right kind of products. Right from your skin type to the exact colour tone, they’ll work closely on every aspect. Since people are diverse in their cultural backgrounds, the best bridal packages in Hyderabad that we offer are as unique. 

A wedding is a girl’s biggest day in her life, and many start planning for this day since childhood. Thus, it is essential that everything is done right, and most importantly she needs to look splendid. Understanding this fact, Just Flaunt Salon offers the best bridal packages in Hyderabad to make your day memorable.

Accessible location

Now finding the right salon that offers the best bridal packages in Hyderabad gets simpler. With our central location at Somajiguda, Hyderabad (See Map), all you need to do is book an appointment online (book here), and our experts will connect with you. An accessible central location also ensures that you reach back on time.

Perfect pricing

It is important that a salon offers you a bridal package that is worth spending on. Of course you want to look your best self, but it is also necessary that the package be budget friendly. We, at Just Flaunt Salon, offer exclusive and best bridal packages in Hyderabad. The services are end-to-end. For those with a budget constraint, don’t panic! We’d love to work within your budget to create that perfectly customised bridal package.

Best bridal packages in Hyderabad

It might be the groom’s day too, but the bride steals the show.
And so, to all you ladies, dress right and smile bright.

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Rain Forest Hair Spa For Long Lasting Shine, Just Flaunt Salon Hyderabad

How often have you picked up one of those really classy international magazines and skimmed through the beauty column to look for something that could probably nourish both your skin and hair? Only to be disappointed with the list of treatments mentioned not being available at most salons near you. Just Flaunt Salon presents a unique hair spa called Rain Forest Hair Spa.

Specially designed to rejuvenate Dry Hair, Coloured Hair or Chemically Treated Hair. It’s a hair therapy that will add long-lasting healthy shine to your hair. It’s highly recommended you take a hair spa in regular intervals to maintain your hair. As regular Rain Forest Hair Spa would do a lot more good than you can possibly imagine. A simple process once a month would go a long way in saving you from future problems like hair fall and dryness. This therapy brings back an extra shot of moisture to your hair.

Rain Forest Hair Spa

This exotic treatment is a combination of natural ingredients gathered from the dense forests of Africa, to help exfoliate dead substances and give your scalp space to breathe and grow. Rain Forest Hair Spa helps you nourish your hair for a shine that’s healthy and long lasting. The entire treatment is designed to help you destress and pamper yourself.

Rain Forest Hair Spa
A Unique Rain Forest Hair Spa that’s available only at Just Flaunt Salon – Call 040 6688 8848

We all would love to maintain our hair as far as possible. But a busy schedule, long working hours and dreadful pollution do not make a great combo. And this combo leads to lifeless hair with no shine. To add to this, we’ve also got hard water issues across the city. And We have designed this Rain Forest Hair Spa to add life to your hair.

So ladies, do not miss out on this amazing Rain Forest Hair Spa. It’s exotic. And it’s brought to you by Just Flaunt Salon.

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Shea Butter Mint Pedicure, Just Flaunt Salon

Just Flaunt brings to you another reason to pamper your feet in the most exotic way possible. Introducing Shea Butter Mint Pedicure. Winter or summer, our feet are bound to crack up and look tortured. Giving them a firm massage with natural extracts will keep them looking beautiful, and help you “flaunt” them. The new option available at our salon will make your feet look pretty and you energized. This one’s called Shea Butter Mint Pedicure.

The entire wait of the body falls on the feet. Only if they could speak, they would have quite regularly demanded for a pamper hour that would help them stay firm the rest of the days. A soothing pedicure once in a while is a great solution to not just good looking feet. It’s also an awesome way to improve your blood circulation, thereby improving your health from within. A great session does result in a rejuvenated you. All set to take on the every day challenges of the world. Aren’t You?

Shea Butter Mint Pedicure
A unique Shea Butter Mint Pedicure that’s available only at Just Flaunt Salon – Call 040 6688 8848

Shea Butter Mint Pedicure

Our feet go through a lot of torture in a day. Up in Heels or Pumps, down on Flats, soaked up in Boots, and a thousand other varieties of footwear we so love. In this phase do not forget, your pretty feet need attention too. What better way than a Shea Butter Mint Pedicure with fenugreek extracts. Can you hear a faint sound of happiness already? That’s your feet whispering… ‘THANK YOU’.

Bringing to you for the first time in the land of Nawabs, a truly Nawabi treatment for your feet. We have designed this ultimate treatment mixing the right ingredients to give your feet a feel of awesomeness.

Next time you feel stressed, or embarrassed with your feet cracking up, you know it’s time for a Shea Butter Mint Pedicure. That’s because happy feet means happy you.

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Vanilla Brulee Clean-up at Just Flaunt, Hyderabad

Do you wake up and feel your skin has lost all its goodness? Well, Pollution and sub-standard make-up are the key reasons. They make it look withered. There is definitely no way one would stop going out or looking glamorous because of the side-effects caused. Just follow a routine vanilla brulee clean-up to nourish your skin with an unmatched glow.

Vanilla Brulee Clean-up at Just Flaunt, Hyderabad
A unique Vanilla Brulee Clean-up that’s available only at Just Flaunt Salon – Call 040 6688 8848

Vanilla brulee clean-up

Ok, so can you imagine a waffle cone filled with creamy vanilla ice-cream? That’s an all-time favourite right? Now can you see how clear and smooth it looks? Yeah. Well, this exotic treatment will help you get rid of all that stubborn dirt that won’t go away. With creamy Madagascar vanilla-seed extracts, our Vanilla Brulee Clean-up gives you a very smooth skin instantly.

It helps to exfoliate all the dead skin. It squeezes out all the toxic substances and makes your skin look more radiant and healthy. Highly recommended for dry skin, this one is a special edition to our set of unique services.

Just Flaunt is the first salon in Hyderabad to bring to you a unique clean-up of this nature. Given all the premium products used, the prices are very pocket-friendly. In fact, don’t forget to ask for our Happy Hours Special Prices. A team of skilled professionals at your service will add all the magic you need. Vanilla Brulee clean-up is great for all skin types.

So, this wedding season why be any less brighter than the bride. Sparkle your true self and make those heads turn. Now that we have got it all covered for you, take that bag and make a move. You don’t get these services every day. Do you?

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Best Red Wine Facial In Hyderabad

Ever read about an exotic facial online and found out that its unavailable at salons around? Worry no more! **drum rolls** We’ve got something that will make you grin from ear to ear. Guess what? The prices are bound to make it seem unbelievable, but if it helps, we could give you a pinch. Introducing the best Red Wine Facial In Hyderabad!

Best Red Wine Facial In Hyderabad.
Presenting the best red wine facial in Hyderabad. Only at Just Flaunt Salon – For appointments, log on to or Call 9550570707

What the best red wine facial in Hyderabad is all about:

Now this could be confusing. We know that there are quite a few facials in the market already. But this one’s truly unique. It’s for the first time in Hyderabad. A soft blend of special soft gel scrubs, real red wine and the perfect technique.

How the best red wine facial in Hyderabad works:

It’s a 5-step facial that would give you a radiant glow with its rich anti oxidant agents. It’s an all-natural facial suitable for all skin types. Don’t blame us if you happen to fall in love again. Just Flaunt has a team of trained staff who know how exactly to go about when dealing with such exotic facials. Such beauty options are available no where else in the city. It gives a nice glow to the skin while removing tan. The anti-ageing properties of a wine facial make it great. It helps the skin to de-stress and rejuvenate.

This treatment unlike many of its kind do not simply use extracts but the actual wine with a combination of other ingredients. It gives your face a natural glow. It helps you get rid of all the toxic substances that might lead your skin to break out. All this comes together to make the best red wine facial in Hyderabad. Get ready. Book now. Let your skin breathe easy.

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