Wear your heart on your head with a hair style that’s all about you

hair salon services

Normal is boring. Especially when it comes to your hair.

Just Flaunt offers hair salon services that are second to none.

Whether it’s a date or a wedding. A special day at the workplace or a weekend out with friends or family. Just Flaunt offers scalp-to-tip hairstyling services that will leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Tell us what you want and our trained salon assistant will work her magic on your hair.

Because we have several hair specialists on call, we can even replace the salon assistant working on your hair if you feel someone else could do a better job. Of course, this is a worst-case scenario as all our salon assistants are highly trained.

That said, we encourage you to try as many of our hair specialists as you like within reason until you find the right one.

Let’s put something straight

Unruly hair can make life miserable.

Although a permanent is not actually permanent, the treatment can make your dream of beautiful, manageable and straight hair come true. At least for about 6 months.

The process is simple.

Our hair specialist first applies a solution to manipulate the structural bonds of your hair. She then uses the hair iron to straighten the hair out. After the procedure, she rinses your hair with a neutraliser solution to lock in the shape.

Straight hair too boring for your taste?

Ask your salon assistant to curl your hair or create bouncy, gorgeous waves.

A curly or wavy hairstyle can make you stand apart when you have to.

Of course, you can give yourself a salon-like hairstyle in the comfort of your home.

But why would you want to when Just Flaunt can make your every hair dream come true in the privacy of an exclusive room?

Our other hairstyling services include shampoo & blast dry . . . haircut . . . shampoo, conditioner & blast dry . . . blow dry . . . and wash & blow dry.

Other hair & body beauty services

Just Flaunt also offers massage (head or full body), pedicure, manicure, facial, waxing, hair highlighting, hair colouring, eye makeup, bleach, and threading.

Only Just Flaunt offers Rain Forest Hair Spa, Red Wine Facial, Shea Butter Pedicure, and Exotic Fruit Manicure services in the city.

You may specially want to check out our exclusive Rain Forest Hair Spa. Perfect for dry, coloured or chemically abused hair, exotic African rain-forest ingredients nurture your scalp, moisturise your hair and leave it with a healthy, long-lasting sheen.

Safety first, beautiful always

For your own comfort and safety, please inform either the manager or salon assistant in advance if you are diabetic, have skin allergies and/or are sensitive to any makeup product or cosmetic we are likely to use.

It is best if henna has not been applied to the hair for several weeks leading up to your hair-colouring session.

Please also let us know if you are pregnant so that we may congratulate you and take the necessary precautions!