Olaplex- How long does Olaplex take to show results?

Hey there! We understand that you’re looking for hair treatments. And, let us quickly say that, we offer an amazing hair treatment from Olaplex. Why Olaplex, you ask? Olaplex has gained its name as one of the innovative brands in the world. They have patented technology that works miracles on hair. With their deep research and knowledge of hair, they have designed problem-specific solutions. 

We, at Just Flaunt, offer the Olaplex Moisture Hair Spa Treatment. For those that face frizzy hair, this treatment is perfect. Not just that, this treatment as the name suggests improves the moisture content in your scalp and strengthens your hair from within. Along with that, it adds a natural shine to your hair while also improving the volume of your hair. 

How does Olaplex Hair Treatment work?

The good thing about Olaplex Hair Treatments is that they take multiple steps. This ensures that the hair reacts well to every step properly. Also, breaking the process into different sessions gives your hair to adapt to the treatment well. The Hair Treatment process that we offer is done in 3 steps. 

In the first session, the treatment is focused on repairing the damaged hair. This ensures that the further sessions take full advantage of your hair. Moving on, the second step is all about restoring the natural beauty of your hair. Finally, the 3rd step focuses on moisturising your hair and scalp so that the treatment stays on longer. 

Can Olaplex treatment damage your hair?

Our stylists are trained to the T to carry out every step of the process perfectly. Above that, the trend of Olaplex products has a strong foundation. That is because their products can be applied to all types of hair. So, if you have any questions or doubts regarding the treatment, please have a word with our stylists. We’re sure they will guide you in the proper direction. 

How long does Olaplex treatment take to produce results?

This, we can answer confidently. The Olaplex products are quite fast in showing their miracles. So, you’ll start to notice differences in your hair from the first step. From repairing your hair to moisturising your hair, you can visibly see the difference. In addition to this, Olaplex treatments are known for their long-lasting results. Now, please note that this depends on various factors. From how you comb your hair to how you treat it every day. So, our stylists will suggest to you the best ways to keep the shine on for a long time. 

We hope we covered the basic questions you might have about the Olaplex treatment. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop by our Salon and have a chat with our stylists. They will surely provide you with the appropriate solution for your issues. As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, we, at Just Flaunt, provide the Olaplex Moisture Hair Spa Treatment at just ₹1,800. So, book an appointment right away! 

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