How Do You Make Dry Hair Moisturised?

Have you ever observed a common phrase that repeats every season? If you google about how the atmosphere around you affects your hair, one of the common answers that you’ll find is ‘Dry Hair’. That’s true because dry hair is quite a common problem and doesn’t need many factors to affect your hair. Now, in this blog, we are going to explain to you a few tips that will help you keep your hair glossy and moisturised all the time.

Why do you need to keep your hair moisturised?

Well, who doesn’t want to have shiny and reflective hair, right? And, all the hair product commercials boast this aspect of hair a lot. As beautiful as it sounds, it also has quite a few scientific reasons why you should moisturise your hair. One of the important reasons is that moisture helps your hair retain its strength. Meaning it prevents your hair from drying out and getting damaged. You don’t want to have split ends, right? Also, the moisturised scalp is a healthy scalp. And a healthy scalp can provide the hair with all the nutrients it needs to grow. 

How to keep your hair moisturised?

Beware of the Summer heat

The summer heat can do a lot of damage to your hair. The extreme heat from the sun dries out the natural hair moisture from your scalp. This leaves your hair dry and vulnerable. To avoid the heat, you can use a scarf around your scalp. You should also make a habit of applying UV protection moisturiser to your hair. If your hair is dry, please book an appointment with our experts, and we will suggest the best ways to fight the dryness.

Oil is your best friend

Make a habit of applying oil to your hair at least twice a week. Doing this will help your scalp to regain its strength and accumulate the proteins your hair needs. 

Quit shampoo every day

If you have a habit of applying shampoo to your hair every day, we would suggest you quit that habit. This is because most of the shampoos out there contain strong chemicals. These strong chemicals can rip off the essential oils of your hair. Essential oils are the natural oils that your scalp produces in order to keep your hair moisturised.

Support the natural oils of your scalp

Natural oils are always the best option. But, today’s world is harsh. The environment, atmosphere, and pollution make it hard for your scalp to hold on to the natural oils. In order to support them, make sure to use professional products that help retain the moisture of your scalp. Our professionals can suggest to you the best products. 

These are a few tips that you can start using from today to keep your hair moisturised and shiny. If you find any troubles with your hair, please book an appointment and let our professionals handle it. Once we suggest the best treatment for your hair, we’ll also suggest to you the best products to reap the benefits of the treatment for a long time. Until then, take care of your hair. See you around! 

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