Do Classic or Russian lashes last longer?

If you want your attractiveness meter to hit max in an instant, lashes are always the way to go. The full eyes look they provide will instantly make you look alluring. This is why, in this blog, we are covering the most asked and most googled question about lashes. You might have already come across the names Classic Lashes and Russian Lashes by now, and this is because they are the choice of the majority of people. 

Above all this, lashes make you feel confident. Before we dive deeper into the Classic and Russian Lashes, let us first establish that the purpose of lashes isn’t just about looking stylish, and it’s also about making your eyes look fuller. When it comes to makeup, the eyes are one of the most crucial aspects, and this is because eyes are the first that others observe. So, even though they are considerably small, they need a lot of attention to make them look amazing. 

Speaking of looking amazing, lashes come in. Lashes are probably the easiest makeup techniques to master. But the difference matters what type of lashes. The type of lashes you choose change depending on the purpose of your makeup. This is where we learn the difference between the two most popular types of lashes- Classic Lashes and Russian Lashes.

Classic Lashes vs Russian Lashes

Classic lashes have it all in their name, and these are the traditional form of eyelashes that you use to increase the length of your lashes. In contrast, Russian lashes are all about making your lashes look softer and voluminous. 

Choose Classic lashes if your eyes already have a regular or abundant amount of lashes. Choose Russian if your eyes have fewer lashes than usual.

Since these are all about being natural, Classic lashes have a thick and strong look and feel to them. In comparison, Russian lashes are much softer and lighter in form.

Classic lashes have a 1:1 ratio, meaning the stylist will apply one Classic lash to one of your natural lashes. Russian lashes have a varied ratio, and the most common ones are 1:3. Meaning each lash applied to your natural lashes will fan out into 3 new lashes. 

Now that you learned the fundamental differences between the Classic and Russian lashes, let us tell you how long each one last. 

How long do Classic & Russian lashes last?

On average, Classic lashes can last up to 4-5 weeks. Since the purpose of Classic lashes is straightforward, these lashes will last longer than Russian lashes. Since the Russian Lashes fan out into 3-4 separate lashes to give a voluminous look, they have a lesser span than Classic lashes up to 2-3 weeks. 

We hope this blog will help you choose your lashes more efficiently. Stay beautiful and happy. 

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