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Professional bridal makeup

Professional Bridal Makeup Significance

Getting married is a unique and memorable moment in your life. It is a thread of special moments woven together where family and friends team up and celebrate your new life. Of course, one of the significant aspects of a wedding is the professional bridal makeup.

Professional bridal makeup

It is your special day, and if you want to look your best in your wedding photos, you must get your makeup done professionally. Getting a professional bridal makeup will make sure that you and your bridesmaids are looking not any less than angels.

Get the Right Look with Professional Bridal Makeup

We, at Just Flaunt Salon, offer special packages for bridal parties that include all of their bridal services – pedicures, hair, makeup, and everything in between. You can visit us during the preparing days of the wedding. It will help you know beforehand what to expect on your wedding day. Getting your professional bridal makeup is always worth it.


What to consider

There are several things to take into consideration when going for your wedding makeup. Firstly, consider your wedding theme; do you wish for a classic look or a more modern look. The time of the year too plays a role in your makeup style.

Makeup styles

There are no rules any longer as you can choose whatever style of bridal makeup that best fits you. Although, there are a variety of bridal makeup styles; it’s always just a matter of choosing the right one that suits you.

A light and natural look for weddings is the usual go-to classical look. Keeping it simple is the mantra to get on with this style. An otherwise bold style involves the usage of dark colours in contrast with rich shades. Let our professionals help you settle on the style that compliments you the best.

Eventually, get your bridal makeup professionally done on your D-day and stay gorgeous and glowing like a flowing wine all through the day.

From elegant haircuts to excellent hair colour, from advanced hair treatments to some of the best facials in town, Just Flaunt is your one-stop Hair & Beauty Salon that delivers incredible services. You can also enjoy luxurious treatments by our certified & experienced hairstylists & beauticians. We make use of only top of the line products & equipment, along with a focus on hygiene & safety.

Rejuvenate your skin with 24 Karat Gold facial

Gold is renowned as a purest metal in existence since ancient times. Its usage as an essential ingredient for glowing skin is also no less popular since olden times. Gold it is well known for its ability in retaining your youthful radiance. Ancient Romans have used a gold balm to get rid of several skin diseases. Chinese, too, are known to use gold in a lot of medicinal and cosmetic routines.

A walk down the best beauty Chronicles in the past reveals that the timeless beauty Cleopatra has benefited immensely from applying a gold mask. She used to sleep daily only after using the gold mask in a way that her youthful charm was kept on.

Gold Facial

The real gold diggers are here!

India has always been known to worship beauty and hence on our part made use of the beautification properties of gold. Nevertheless, to obtain the best results,gold must be pure. So all the facials that used gold as an ingredient must be at least 24 karats to make sure they are on the right purity levels.

Indian climate is by and large humid, which can be seen even in metros like Bangalore to Mumbai that is well known for their pollution and humidity levels. Along with this, the long distances and the toll it takes on the skin while living in a metro. Hence, to maintain the natural glow and texture of the skin, people always keep looking for solutions.

Why your skin needs 24-karat gold facial?

It is right here that your skin needs the 24 karat gold facial. Owing to its high concentration of minerals and properties that can be effortlessly absorbed into the skin, this eventually results in revitalising and rejuvenating your skin. Such facials also ensure your skin to get rid of its impurities, thereby promoting the circulation of oxygen within the skin.

Even after a harrowing day at work, good 24 karat gold facial will not fail to rejuvenate and revitalise you. It also smoothens the skin and adds a healthy shine to it. Gold lowers the collagen depletion levels and therefore reduces the impact caused by ageing. As it prevents the skin from sagging the ageing impact is believed to be reduced.

What is in a gold facial kit?

Gold facial kits typically include a gold peel-off mask, gold scrub, gel and gold cream. The Kit often led with 24 karats pure gold along with turmeric. Turmeric is an organic beautification agent and is also quite a helpful detoxifying agent. The combination of which, when used, can gradually peel the skin, which gives it a vigorous and incandescent look. The peel-off mask also includes gold and lemon peel extracts or even other beautification products. These will allow in scrubbing the dead surface cells and lets the skin to inhale more freely. The skin tissues too are repairs, and the ingredients are concocted to maintain the pH balance of the skin.

Finally, 24-karat Gold not only gives a beautiful, glowing and youthful skin but is also beneficial in many respects. It helps to slow down the collagen depletion, increase skin’s softness, lighten the skin tone, stimulate the cells making the skin stiff, improve blood circulation and prevent early ageing, wrinkles, tanning, etc.

All in all, gold is gold. You will have to try it to believe it. And so are the fantastic gold skincare benefits. Thus, the skin lustre, radiance and vitality are all attained with the best quality 24-carat gold facials.

Just Flaunt Salon offers the best quality services and a session with the uber-cool stylists here will surely leave you rejuvenated and glowing.


Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments – Every bride-to-be should know

Finally, your big day is arriving and everything is happening the way you’ve always wanted! But hey, why are you still worried? Well, we know the answer. It’s the most important thing in a bride’s life, the ‘Looks!’ And you know what’s the first step of achieving it – Pre-Bridal!

You may have probably gone through tons of websites, blogs, youtube videos, millions of advice, trillions of sleepless nights! Phew! But don’t worry all your queries will be answered as you are in the right place. By the end of the blog, you will be glowing with happiness (Well that’s what we can do, you know digital limitations) and we’ll leave the actual glowing sessions to Just Flaunt.

Now you just relax, grab a cup of tea(No not tea, drink some healthy juice because you know, priorities) and make a list of all these essential bridal beauty treatments that you have to get before your D-day.


Flaunt your smashing looks with the following Pre-Bridal beauty treatments –


  • Exfoliate the unwanted

          Even though you’ll have makeup on your natural glow matters a lot. This will help you shine out better. For your bridal beauty treatment include exfoliation as the most necessary treatment. Get rid of all those blackheads and dead skin cells just like how you got rid of that oily food! With clear skin, you’ll be able to make further clearer decisions for your wedding.


  • Flash your hands and feet

In the midst of buying your dream dress and taking care of your skin don’t ignore your hands and feet (Ya I mean you can’t ignore them literally, but I mean…you know what I meant) So with frequent manicures and pedicures you can ensure that your nails are shining and in proper condition. Imagine wearing a ring on un-kept nails. Umm..nobody wants that right!


  • Get the glow with Facials

Facials go as deep as your thoughts. They cleanse your skin deeply, boost blood circulation, hydrate your skin and help it achieve the natural balance. In order to extract the maximum benefits, get it done every 4-6 weeks.

Try getting this beauty treatment 6-12 months prior to your wedding day. But keep in mind your final facial should be 12-14 days before your D-day. This will the complexion to settle and leave you nothing but glowing skin.

As Dr. Jamna Pai says that ‘Bridal Facials are the most important part of Bridal skincare.’(Fact) Do not forget to omit this out of your pre-bridal treatment.


  • Get good hair care with Keratin

Nobody wants to have perfect skin, flawless makeup & dress with frizzy and untamed hair. Which is why keratin treatment is best suited for Pre-bridal. Just get rid of the frizz and flip your shiny and smooth hair. This treatment lasts for 6-8 months so your look for the honeymoon is set too!


  • Relax and get waxed!

Well, if you haven’t thought about getting waxed yet or are afraid to get one, there’s only one solution. GET WAXED! Yes, there are no other solutions. When it comes to Pre-bridal waxing should be on the top of the list.

All your tanning, dead and dull skin will vanish. Try getting flavoured wax like chocolate wax, fruit wax etc. so that your skin glows along with a sweet fragrance.

 It takes an army of people and a series of beauty treatments to make the bride get ready for her D-day. According to the KPMG Wellness Report, the workforce requirement estimate in the beauty & salon segment will grow 12.1 million in 2020. (Fact)

As much as these bridal beauty treatments are necessary, it is also important to get these treatments done at the right time.

The biggest treatment that the bride can give herself is to relieve her stress and start preparing her list of Pre-bridal treatments. Because it’s your time girl to flaunt your glow!

Indian bridal makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup – Everything a Bride needs to know about Makeup before Wedding

Indian bridal makeup

How to Wow?

Are you through thousands of Bridal makeup tutorials right now to prepare for your big day? Welcome to the struggles of being an Indian bride. If after this struggle, you still think being an Indian bride easy, then think again!

Indian weddings are the only time when you feel like looking at the walking definition of perfection. A heavy outfit is not enough; your bridal makeup should be on point and should be flawless from every angle. Remember all the eyes will be on you.

Yes, we know your struggle with Indian bridal makeup is a big deal. It is evident that Indian brides take makeup seriously as Indian beauty business is expected to triple in the next five years.

Well, the first rule for looking amazing on your wedding day is to not stress about anything at all. Stay calm and relaxed so that your face radiates a happy and positive vibe.

Remember your natural glow is very important. Not getting enough sleep or stressing about certain things is the worst enemies for your skin as you might lose your natural glow. Stay hydrated as it is your day to shine and steal the limelight with your ravishing look.

However, we know how much pressure a bride carries regarding her overall look. Relax as we are here to open our magical book of Indian beauty secrets and reveal some fantastic bridal makeup insights for you. So cheer up as by the end of this blog you will know everything about Indian Bridal makeup, and you will be preparing your wedding makeup list with a lot of confidence.

Makeup your mind!

What kind of wedding makeup should I consider? Will it suit my skin tone? What if it’s too much or What if it’s too less? Will it match my outfit? (Oh! Yes we can read your mind girl) – these are questions that are probably dancing in your mind right now.

First of all, relax and stop stressing about anything. You can surely achieve that perfect glow, Want to know how? Then read on!

Go natural

All the girls who like to stay natural say Yay! Well, we can’t hear you but what we do know is that there are a lot of you out there who love to go natural. Nude makeup is catching up as in 2017 Rihanna’s Fenty beauty collection launched 40-colour foundation range.

Cause if you are the one who isn’t really fascinated by the idea of applying makeup and is probably someone who doesn’t even know more than 2-3 essential makeup products you like staying natural. If your reaction to a makeup tutorial is full of questions, then you, my friend, are someone who will prefer natural makeup.

That’s because we all know that this type of bridal makeup is all about comfort. If you apply less to no makeup on a daily basis, then you would prefer to go natural.

But hey! Before you jump to any conclusions, going natural is not about putting no makeup at all. Toning down the makeup to highlight your features is what combines to give you a natural look. Applying neutral tones like light brown and its shades or eyes with dark tones and light lip colour will do the needful.

Spread the Colours

If your personality is bright and cheerful and can tell the exact shade name by just looking at the tone, then you will prefer colours in your look more. You can opt for some bright colours of your choice for your eyes or lips. The rest of the tones that you want to use will set accordingly.

You can also go for colours that go with the theme of your wedding. Pick some shades related to that and flaunt them proudly. Make your eyes stand out by giving it a dramatic look with the colours of your choice. Try not to go too overboard with your wedding makeup while experimenting but you can make your look shine even more with some magical colour dust.

Keep it light

Who doesn’t wants to look like a princess on their wedding day? You can achieve that elegant royal glow with a soft highlighter to sharpen your cheekbones. Make it look even dreamier with a shimmery eyeshadow along with a light colour. Go matte when it comes to lip shades. Consider mauve, pink and berry that will complete your look.

Become a Bollywood diva

If you can sing all the lyrics of every Bollywood song and you know all the exact hook steps, then you breathe and eat Bollywood all the time. If you really can relate, then you will prefer to be a Bollywood diva on your wedding day.

Oh! Such grace and poise that looks so effortless are all about this Bollywood diva look. To be a Bollywood bride, you need to have a dramatic look with classy bridal makeup.

Bridal Makeup drama

If you want to go bold, nobody is stopping you. It is your day, so you have the power to decide what suits you better. To achieve this, your wedding makeup can includesmokey eye makeup and heavy lashes for that sultry bold look. Apply dramatic eyeliner and complete it with some eyelashes and make a dramatic entrance on your wedding day. Get ready to receive some awestruck glances with this style of wedding makeup.

Make it Matte

Matte is in and is gaining immense popularity these days. Matte lip shade, matte eyeshadow, and matte liner everything is getting matte. And we are also mad about matte.

Brands are making every effort to provide a proper matte make up range for all the matte hunters out there.

If matte is something that you dream about all day then give your wedding makeup the matte magic. With heavy contouring and a classy matte lip shade rock a perfect matte look and slay your day with a perfect bridal makeup.

Suit yourself

We know that your doubts aren’t clear yet! You are still worried if your skin will blend with the kind of wedding makeup that you want to go for or not. Well, clear your doubts with the below list as it will help you decide which makeup brand is best suited for your skin tone.

Dusky Diva

Go for this look.

For all the dusky divas out there opt for a foundation that suits your shade and apply a neutral pink lip shade with gold eyelids. If you want to go bold, then you can choosesmokey eyes with a nude lip shade.

Fair Fairy

Go for this look.

Our fairies can pair their mascara with a pink tint for their pretty lips and can also choose to apply a bright shade on their lips with a winged eyeliner effect.

Wheat-ish Winner

Go for this look.

If you are blessed with a wheat-ish skin tone, then you can flaunt a coral lip shade and compliment it with bronze eye makeup. Emerge as an angel by using plum and purple hues on your special day.

Be a mind-blowing bride

Indian bridal makeup is all about immersing yourself in beautiful colours and highlighting your sharp features. Be proud of your looks and slay your day with a wedding makeup that makes you look ethereal and breathtaking on your wedding day.

Form a list and choose from the options that suit you well. Pick your preference according to what you can carry comfortably on your big day. Be wise with your decision as there will be pictures that you would want to cherish forever

Bridal packages for the beautiful brides

Indian brides have come far from the days when they were dressed for the occasions by their friends and families. Indian brides have come a long way from being young children who aren’t informed about the world. These women have traveled across the globe and more than well aware of the beauty that exists outside the four walls of their home. Every bride now knows exactly what she wants and how she wants to look on her wedding day. Keeping this in mind, salons like Just Flaunt come completely prepared with bridal packages that make the bridal look like a queen for the day!

Bridal packages from

Just Flaunt

Bridal Packages

When it comes to selecting salons with the best bridal packages, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Weddings are occasions that happen once in a lifetime and when it comes to picking the right bridal packages, Just Flaunt has a host of options you can choose from.

There are different styles you can choose from, from the bridal packages at Just Flaunt. Are you having a traditional wedding or a more modern wedding? Not to worry. Just Flaunt has all these and more!

From head to toe beauty services that include a full body massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, hairstyling, waxing, haircut, hair highlighting, hair coloring, eye makeup, bleach, and threading, the bridal packages from Just  Flaunt has everything that makes sure you look like the most radiant bride on your special day.

Look radiant, bright and young on the most important day of your life

Weddings bring with them a lot of stress and pressure. Planning requires a lot of effort and late nights. Looking after your health and beauty during this time is extremely important.

With bridal packages from Just Flaunt, our team of more than qualified specialists knows how to make you look like the queen you deserve to be.

Just Flaunt has an added bonus – it’s the only salon in Hyderabad that offers wine fine facials! These make your skin glow and sparkle.

Make the most of our packages and with the bridal packages from Just Flaunt, be the queen you always were supposed to be!