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How To Choose The Right Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Understanding the colour science and how they contrast each other is a vast subject. It is where we come into play. We can help you choose the right hair colour based on your skin tone. Before you colour your hair, the critical component to consider is your skin tone. While the appropriate hair colour can complement your look, a bad match of skin and hair colour can pull from your look and feel and make you appear strange. Find your best solutions at the best hair salon in Hyderabad. Read along how you can choose the right hair colour.

Know your skin tone – 

Observe your wrist in the natural sunlight to see if your skin tone tends to be warm or cold. As a result, if the veins in your wrists appear green, you have a warm complexion. You are cool-toned if they appear blue. You may have a neutral skin tone, giving you an olive complexion if you can’t determine if your veins are blue or green. 

Choose the right hair colour – 

You now can choose the hair colour to achieve the ideal result after determining your skin tone. To avoid appearing washed out, make sure the colour has a richness of at least two shades darker or lighter than your skin. Colours that compliment cool skin tones are cool hair colours. Warm hair colours go well with warm skin tones. Colours are most adaptable to neutral complexion tones.  Moreover, beige blonde or golden blonde are excellent options too.

Hair colours for cool skin tones – 

If you have fair skin, a blonde or a dark smokey chocolate hair colour may wash you out. Choose a hair colour that is either baby blonde or vanilla shade. Medium to light ash brown or dark blonde toned down with a Smoky Brown or Icy Blonde Shade, or Gloss, will look best on those with darker hair. The flaming red hair is the colour to go for if you want to make a statement. When matched with a skin tone with blue/purple undertones, it’s a cool, sharp red that creates a stunning contrast.

Hair colours for warm skin tones – 

Golden colours and coppery tones are the most flattering for those with warm skin undertones. A sun-kissed honey hair colour or a creamy gold tone is best for lighter hair types. For those with exceptionally fair skin, the copper-gold hair colour can be very striking. Caramel is perfect for dark blonde to medium brunette hair. The buttery, browned tones provide a lovely richness to warm skin tones, elevating and deepening them. Rose Brunette is also ideal for complexion tones with warm undertones, such as medium to deep skin tones. Its dusky, reddish-brown tone adds depth to an otherwise bland red, making it an attractive option.

Although highlights may appear in fashion, remember that the colour you choose will determine your style for the next six months or longer. Above all else, if you need assistance, you can visit the best hair salon in Hyderabad to help you make your final decision. Don’t forget to slay, always!

best salon in hyderabad

Best Salon in Hyderabad – Explore Our Services

Before we dive into what the best salon in Hyderabad has to offer, can we talk about the weather in Hyderabad for a minute? It is unpredictable, isn’t it? One minute it’s sunny, and the next minute the rain comes down pouring. With such varied weather conditions, you have to concentrate on keeping your skin and hair radiant as ever. We agree that it is a challenge. But, with us in the game, you don’t have to worry anymore as our services are skilfully curated to enhance your beauty. 

With that being said, what does the best salon in Hyderabad have in their pockets to offer you? Well, we have the best range of services available both for your hair and skin. By saying that our services are the best, we also speak loud about the professional brands we tied up with to carry out these services. For a world-class Salon experience, visit our salon today. You can book an appointment by clicking here.

Shed away the Monsoon dirt

Monsoon comes with its share of skin and hair problems. If you have travelled anywhere soaked in the rain, you should consider getting our hair and skincare services. Our services remove the unwanted dirt and grime from your skin. Monsoon season, being humid encourages the origination of dandruff in your hair. To fight this, we have dedicated spaces called hair spas and services such as Anti-dandruff and nourishing treatments as well. 

Step into Winter with a twist

Every season brings new chances for us to experience and create new memories. Instead, take the responsibility of twists in your life by choosing to colour your hair. Be it recolouring with a new colour, or choosing one for the first time; we have a wide range of choices. Looking at all the choices will take up your day, or you can trust our skilled professionals to suggest the right colours based on your needs. 

Haircut & Styling @ the best salon in Hyderabad

Like we said above, the twist doesn’t just mean hair colouring. It could also be about getting a new haircut. What’s your dream haircut? The one that you fantasise about while scrolling through your favourite lifestyle creator’s Instagram feed. Or you might have seen a YouTube video on how to choose the right hairstyle based on the shape of your face. So, get your hair styled today? Let our professionals suggest the best hairstyle for you.

Considering all that we talked about in the article, it’s time you get yourself to one of our Salons in Hyderabad and get your transformation done. Now that offices are reopening, now’s the right time to flaunt yourself.

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Is the Rainy Season Good for Hair?

hair care in rainy season

The rainy season is always a fun and merry time for most people. People enjoy the cold breezes but, that’s not the case for your hair. The rainy season brings a lot of moisture and humidity. Thus, your hair needs extra attention and care this season. Monsoons may increase the problem of dandruff in your hair and also make your hair weak. It is all a result of the humid climate. Do not worry. We, at Just Flaunt, the best hair salon in Hyderabad, have got you covered.

We won’t let your hair get damaged. You need to follow these few methods to give your hair that extra nourishment.

How to take care of your hair during monsoon season? 

There are a few ways you can take care of your hair during the rains. These methods make your hair stronger and healthier. As a result, your hair is also nourished in the process. So let’s get to it:

Always keep your hair dry.

You might be tempted to step out and play in the rain. However, remember that the rainwater is not pure. It is acidic and, to a certain extent, impure. It can harm your hair. Wet hair causes infections and other problems. Thus, keep your hair dry to keep it safe from any damage or infections.

Oil your hair.

Oiling your hair can make it smoother. Above all, it acts as a good conditioner before you shampoo your hair. Coconut oil is nourishing and can make your hair healthier and silkier. It makes your hair less greasy. Also, it takes care of your scalp and other problems.

Wash, but don’t over wash.

Make sure that you wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Your hair becomes frizzy and weak in the rainy season. Hence, use the right shampoo or conditioner to strengthen your hair. It will nourish your hair.

Eat healthy; eat right.

A good diet keeps your hair strong. You should include vegetables and protein-rich food like eggs, dairy products in your diet. As a result, this helps your hair grow stronger and healthier.

Use the right comb for your hair.

Use a comb that can easily detangle your hair. Preferably, it would help if you used a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair. However, do not comb your wet hair, as it is the weakest in this condition.

We at Just Flaunt, the best hair salon in Hyderabad, will help you choose what is best for your hair. We will help you take care of your hair in the best way possible. Therefore, don’t worry about hair-related problems. We are here to help you out.

Men's Hair Tips

Men’s Hair Tips: How to take care of a Man’s Hair?

A man’s hair is an integral part of his overall look. Hence, If his hair is damage-free and healthy, he will look even better. Here are few ways in which Men can take extra care and improve the quality of their hair.

Men's Hair Tips

Few Essential Men’s Hair Tips that would boost their confidence are as follows:

Avoid Over-Washing Men’s Hair

To keep your hair healthy, you should stop washing your hair daily. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. After all, taking care of your hair should start with some of the easiest techniques. It gives your scalp’s natural oils a chance to condition your hair naturally.

Use fewer Products on Men’s Hair

Men often use many products to style their hair. As a result, instead of looking neat and stylish, their hair looks greasy and messy. Therefore, before using many products, you can experiment a little bit. Find out what is the right amount of the product for you. Henceforth, do not use too much and use only the amount needed.
It can be considered one of the few essential Men’s Hair Tips to take care of their hair.

Avoid Shampooing every day 

Many men shampoo daily thinking that it is good for their hair. They fail to realise that this removes the essential oils that the scalp secretes. These oils help nourish, protect and keep your hair healthy. Therefore, change the number of times you shampoo your hair to keep it healthy.

Avoid too much heat

Some Essential Hair Care Tips for Men explain why too much heat is harmful to your hair. Too much exposure to the Sun’s harmful UV rays damages your hair. Hence, to prevent this, use specific shampoos and conditioners from time to time. It will help keep your hair protected.

Trim Men’s Hair regularly

It would be a wise choice to get your hair trimmed. It helps get rid of the damaged hair, such as split ends. Therefore, It is advisable to get a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks to look neat and stylish. As a result, you will be satisfied with the way your hair looks after a trim.

We, at Just Flaunt Salon, deliver excellent hair care and styling services. Our experienced hairstylists take good care of your hair. We make use of high-quality products and equipment, along with a focus on hygiene & safety.

Keratin Treatment In Hyderabad

Keratin Treatment – Should you get it done?

You’ve heard the name and probably had too many questions. Is it effective? Are there any side effects? Well, Keratin Treatment is a widely popular hair treatment today that has its demand. Keratin Treatment smoothens, adds all the lost protein back to the hair, and makes it naturally straight as well. Not just that, it protects the hair from humidity, making it frizz-free.

Keratin Treatment In Hyderabad

Fact: Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in our hair. It is the essential element that is responsible for the hair-health. But, your hair loses Keratin because of sunlight and pollution.

Keratin treatment is nothing but re-infusing the protein goodness into your hair. Still, it is normal to have questions about the value of this treatment. We understand it’s a chemical process. It is why we make sure our stylists are well educated about the process. With that being said, let’s get into whether or not you should opt for this treatment.

Keratin Treatment – Pros of getting it done

Have you ever looked in awe as actresses flaunt their No-frizz hair? The slow-mo videos sure make them worth watching. Anyway, we all have dreamed and longed for smooth and shiny hair. It cannot be achieved with regular shampoos, though. Additionally, as said above the pollution makes our hair brittle. As the harsh sun rips away the proteins, our hair becomes more susceptible to damage.

So, we always suggest our clients get Keratin treatment done at regular intervals. It helps keep the hair manageable and healthy. Keratin treatment has long-lasting results when cared for post-treatment. The icing on top is that this treatment also promotes healthy hair growth.

What are the limitations of Keratin Treatment?

It is a chemical process. So, you can expect a few limitations. They are not hard to follow either. The first and foremost regulation is that you should not wash your hair three days after the treatment. Also, you should avoid tying back your hair closely. Dipping your hair in swimming pools is a No-No. You should avoid heat styling your hair. Anyway, you will not find the need to heat style your hair after getting the treatment. Post-treatment, you should use only use sulphate-free shampoos.

If you have trouble regarding that, worry not. We will provide you with the right shampoo to use after the treatment. Taking the city life into consideration and the clouds of pollution we travel every day through, Keratin treatment is the best way to fight them.

To sum up, Keratin treatment has multiple benefits other than smoothening the hair.

From elegant haircuts to excellent hair colour, from advanced hair treatments to some of the best facials in town, Just Flaunt is your one-stop Hair & Beauty Salon that delivers incredible services. You can also enjoy luxurious treatments by our certified & experienced hairstylists & beauticians. We use only top of the line products & equipment and a focus on hygiene & safety.

Festive Hairstyle

Best Festive Hairstyle for Curly Hair in 2021

Fashion is an ever-changing domain. In such constant change, women always a love-hate relationship when it comes to curly hair. Let’s discuss the how and what of a trendy festive hairstyle for curly hair that raises the bar for celebrations.

Festive Hairstyle

Keep reading this blog to know more.

1. The Queen of Curly Hair:

Curly frizzy Indian hair- The effortless look of this style is so gorgeous and stylish that one cannot take their eyes off. Also, your only duty is to just detangle and leave the hair open. That’s it, and you are good to go!

Also, this style goes perfectly with ethnic outfits and long gowns and will give you a cheerful vibe.

2. Festive hairstyle-  curly cuts by layers:

Another famous layer cut that makes it to the curly Indian hair list on festive occasions is Curly cuts by layers. It is the form of layer step cut for curly looks that you flaunt for a more stylish, edgy, and glossy look.

Wear this look with nice party dresses for attending night events or parties, and you’ll be the center of attraction.

3. Festive hairstyle- Dense curls:

If you want a simple yet stylish look, this can make you flaunt well and stand away from the crowd. Also, there’s nothing like this style to try out, especially if you have dense hair. So, try it out for an elegant and sleek stylish look at fancy events and festivals.

A pair of nice dresses or skirts can match this festive hairstyle to go to events or cocktail parties.

4. Short Bob with Curly Hair:

Here’s the lovely bob curly hair look to fall head over heels in love with. A short festive hairstyle is always comfortable to stay with and this is one such style that can make you look like a princess and be stylish. This stunning and gorgeous curly hair look will pull out all the stops at any party you attend.

This irresistible style can be paired with a nice long dress for elite night parties on festive occasions.

5. The Girly Curly Hair:

This hairstyle option suits a round face like no other. This super stylish, trendy, and gorgeous can also appear as a super cute, pretty, and edgy look. Follow this off if you like short hair and a sleek look for yourself.

Despite the girly look here, it carries a dignified look and goes well with Sarees for traditional functions or with festival ethnic wear on special occasions.

From elegant haircuts to excellent hair colour, from advanced hair treatments to some of the best facials in town, Just Flaunt is your one-stop Hair & Beauty Salon that delivers incredible services. You can also enjoy luxurious treatments by our certified & experienced hairstylists & beauticians. We make use of only top-of-the-line products & equipment, along with a focus on hygiene & safety.

Professional bridal makeup

Professional Bridal Makeup Significance

Getting married is a unique and memorable moment in your life. It is a thread of special moments woven together where family and friends team up and celebrate your new life. Of course, one of the significant aspects of a wedding is the professional bridal makeup.

Professional bridal makeup

It is your special day, and if you want to look your best in your wedding photos, you must get your makeup done professionally. Getting a professional bridal makeup will make sure that you and your bridesmaids are looking not any less than angels.

Get the Right Look with Professional Bridal Makeup

We, at Just Flaunt Salon, offer special packages for bridal parties that include all of their bridal services – pedicures, hair, makeup, and everything in between. You can visit us during the preparing days of the wedding. It will help you know beforehand what to expect on your wedding day. Getting your professional bridal makeup is always worth it.


What to consider

There are several things to take into consideration when going for your wedding makeup. Firstly, consider your wedding theme; do you wish for a classic look or a more modern look. The time of the year too plays a role in your makeup style.

Makeup styles

There are no rules any longer as you can choose whatever style of bridal makeup that best fits you. Although, there are a variety of bridal makeup styles; it’s always just a matter of choosing the right one that suits you.

A light and natural look for weddings is the usual go-to classical look. Keeping it simple is the mantra to get on with this style. An otherwise bold style involves the usage of dark colours in contrast with rich shades. Let our professionals help you settle on the style that compliments you the best.

Eventually, get your bridal makeup professionally done on your D-day and stay gorgeous and glowing like a flowing wine all through the day.

From elegant haircuts to excellent hair colour, from advanced hair treatments to some of the best facials in town, Just Flaunt is your one-stop Hair & Beauty Salon that delivers incredible services. You can also enjoy luxurious treatments by our certified & experienced hairstylists & beauticians. We make use of only top of the line products & equipment, along with a focus on hygiene & safety.

Best facials in Hyderabad to make your skin glow

Hey, Gorgeous ladies! Do you know how much Best facials in Hyderabad can make your skin look glowing? How often do you give yourself time in having a soothing facial in the parlour? And also to inform you, well, there are many types, but then we have made a collection of some of the best facials for glowing skin in a parlour that you must try. So, have a read about these facials and decide the right one for yourself.

best facials in Hyderabad, Just Flaunt Salon

Best Salon Facials in Hyderabad for glowing skin

1. Fruit facial:

Fruits are always healthy for the body. However, a fruit facial work wonders for the skin tone too. Fruit Facial is a special blend of fruits rich in vitamins like orange, pineapple, apple, and coconut. Some amazing properties of these nourishing fruits impart natural help you have glowing skin with improved texture and a fair complexion.

2. Red Wine facial:

We’ve pioneered the Red Wine Facial to give you an unmatched experience. It’s an elaborate 5-step facial suitable for normal to oily skin. With hundreds of satisfied repeat-customers, it’s undoubtedly one of our best-rated facials. It’s a must-try.

3. Platinum facial:

If you have already tried this, then you must be aware of the benefits of a platinum facial. It is applied to recharge, energize your skin and even influences it at the cellular level and maintains the desired moisture levels. It has enormous antioxidant effects that will impart radiance to the skin.

4. Gold facial:

One of the most famous ones and also the most powerful anti-ageing treatment, Gold facial imparts total regeneration and skin nourishment. Its primary content is pure gold that bestows natural lustre and youthful radiance to the skin. It also revitalizes the face apart from undoubtedly being one of the most preferred bridal facials for glowing skin.

5. Chocolate facial:

We know well of the drool-worthy taste of chocolate. But it is also designed for deep cleansing as it purifies the skin and renders a refreshed and soft feel too. It is a must-try for cleansing the deep pores along with black/whiteheads as well. It is the facial for a glowing and fair skin nowadays.

6. Brightening facial:

Pigmentations are a severe skin problem with ladies these days. The Brightening facial is done with a cleansing powder made with the goodness of long Aloe vera & Shea Butter. Thus, this effectively helps remove dead epithelial cells, revitalizes the skin, and lightens blemishes and age spots. Now increasing flexibility and smoothness in the skin is easy with this facial.

7. Anti-tan facial:

Suntan is yet another despicable problem, especially in summers. But worry not as you can now repair the damage done by the harmful UVA & UVB rays of the sun with the help of this anti-tan facial. It thus lightens the darkened skin, even up the skin tone & leaves skin clear & radiant.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss any of these relaxing best facials in Hyderabad to pamper your skin. To know more about our facials or Book an appointment with us, click here!

From elegant haircuts to excellent hair colour, from advanced hair treatments to some of the best facials in town, Just Flaunt is your one-stop Hair & Beauty Salon that delivers incredible services. You can also enjoy luxurious treatments by our certified & experienced hairstylists & beauticians. We make use of only top of the line products & equipment, along with a focus on hygiene & safety.

Hair Spa Treatments

Hair Spa Treatments: Things to keep in mind when taking a Hair Spa

Focusing on hair health is as important as is taking care of our body and mind. Hair needs proper nourishment and the right treatment from time to time. Hair spa is a kind of therapy for scalp and hair. Here, different nutritious oils are used to message and enrich the scalp with nutrients for strong and healthy hair. Read on for more advice on providing regular nourishment and hydration to your hair with proper Hair Spa Treatments. 

Hair Spa Treatments

Benefits of Hair Spa

Let’s find out how a hair spa session benefits your health.

  1. Moisturising the hair –

A hair spa treatment helps to moisturise your hair and nourish its every strand with required nutrients. The hair for sure will get back its elasticity and shine with regular hair spa treatments.

  1. Strengthens hair roots –

Hair spas help to revitalise the scalp and strengthen the roots. And strong roots means lesser hair fall. The hair growth and volume of hair are improved as the hair follicles are strengthened. With regular hair spas, you will notice hair getting thicker and stronger.

  1. Increased blood circulation –

Spa hairstyles include head massages that improve the blood circulation to the scalp. It will make the follicles stronger with the inflow of nutrients. Also, the quality of hair improves apart from helping them grow faster and longer.

  1. Normalises oil secretions on the scalp – 

Another very essential component for your hair is oil. Oil massages are almost a given for those who have dry hair. Hair releases sebum to moisturise the hair naturally. Spas are targeted to normalise sebum production and hence, oil secretion on your scalp leading to the healthy functioning of your scalp.

  1. Removes pollution side effects – 

Hair spa benefits the hair from pollution as hair spas unclog the pores and remove pollutants. They also remove the effects of pollutants from these blocked pores as well. It makes our scalp cleaner, and thereby, our hair back to normal and regenerate hair growth.

Good-to-know information about taking a Hair Spa

Here’s some good-to-know information:

  1. It has to be done regularly –

Make sure to take a hair spa appointment regularly, i.e., every three or six months; only then will the effects of hair spa last longer. Though some people tend to think of hair spas expensive, it is critical for healthy hair growth and maintenance in the long run.

  1. It fades hair colour –

For all those hair dying and hairstreaks fans, spas may make your hair colour fade away faster than usual. You can stop this only by requesting your hairstylist to use products that protect your hair colour.

  1. Hair spa takes time –

You can’t be impatient to experience hair spa benefits. While some people get benefits right after 2-3 sessions, others will able to get the same effect after around six sessions which are all dependent on the amount of hair damage.

Finally, get a proper hair spa treatment at the right salon near you. It can really work wonders for your hair with a slew of health benefits.

Best Salon treatment

Best salon treatment for damaged hair

The quest for beautiful hair is a never ending saga. We combed for the list of top salon hair treatments that can shine and improve your locks’ health instantly. Here is our list of the best salon treatment services that repair damaged hair and give a new shine.

Best Salon treatment

Types of Best Salon Treatment

  1. Keratin Treatment

Are you fighting the battle of frizzy hair and win? Then pick Keratin treatments as they are ideal; especially, if you have curly or frizzy hair that just won’t stop. You can get smooth results without employing flat irons and styling products at home.

  1. Scalp Treatment

If a dry and itchy scalp is one of your hair woes, an in-salon scalp treatment can be a helpful service that not only feels wonderful, it can considerably correct the scalp oil production and perk up hair growth.

Eventually, it’s ideal for everyone. Hence, scalp scrubs and serums are the new skin care for hair.

  1. Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments provide immediate shine and close the cuticle, resulting in silky hair that feels nurtured and smooth. If naturally left on the hair for about 12-20 minutes and then washed out, this professional hair salon treatment can do miracles for dry hair and damaged hair in no time flat.

Therefore, it’s best for dry and coloured hair types who benefit from hot oil treatments.

  1. Moisture Treatment

Resurrect dry and parched tresses with a moisture protein treatment. The crème de la crème deep conditioning treatment, a quality moisture treatment can fix common hair woes such as lack of shine and split ends.

It’s best for parched, over processed, heat damaged and desperate hair that needs a little (or a lot) of love. So, add a moisture treatment to your next colouring service and your hair will thank you enough.

  1. Detox Treatment

Detox hair treatments get rid of the buildup on the hair shaft that results from too much product usage or chemicals such as chlorine. By clarifying the hair shaft, a detox treatment improves the health of the hair and scalp and can stimulate hair growth.

In short, if you use many styling products or tend to skip the shampoo several times a week, a detox treatment is for you.

  1. Relax Treatment

If your curls have taken over, a relax treatment can take back the power. Thus, relaxing treatments fight frizz effectively and make hair sleek for months on end. You can customise results to reduce curl, remove frizz, and control movement.

For a relaxing treatment, quite often the result can be dry, limp, and lifeless hair. Pick your battle and tread wisely.

The next time you find yourself fighting hair breakage or staring down at split ends in despair, rest assure yourself that a haircut isn’t the only cure for damaged hair. Make everyday a beautiful hair day with a professional salon treatment.

From elegant cuts to excellent colour, Just Flaunt is your one-stop Hair Salon that delivers incredible hair design bespoke to meet your individual style. You will also enjoy luxurious treatments from our brilliant hair stylists. We make use of only top of the line products.